About Pixel Kitchen

The Culinary Center of the Computer Graphics Universe!

Pixel Kitchen, Inc. has been whipping up digital visual cuisine for the past 19 years in our studios located on the Front Range of Colorado. Serving both Denver, Boulder and the universe beyond, our designers, artists and animators specialize in story telling and visual problem solving of all types. We have a rich history of serving unique clients with unusual stories to tell. Whether it be image creation and visualization for advertising, scientific research, architectural, litigation, digital signage, entertainment or public art, Pixel Kitchen has cooked it up. Our menu includes image creation large and small, across time and space in High Definition and 3D stereo, either rendered in great detail or displayed in real time.

PK's imagery has been used to startup game companies, visualize the molecular science of Ethanol production and nano technology, simulate surgical fires, sell Keebler cookies, and illustrate US Olympic Ski Team racing suit graphics. We have even been featured in a Discovery Channel program, "Dinosaur Attack", where we studied footprint evidence, CSI style, to recreate theoretical dinosaur movement and interaction.

Our clients come from as close as across the street or as far as across the pond. We offer a diverse and relaxed production environment which focuses on the art of story telling through good movie making techniques. We help the client use the technology rather than the technology ruling the client and can offer one-on-one training and consulting to help clients acquire some of the same skill sets we have in our own digital visual tool kit.

The staff is constantly cooking up tasty 2 and 3 Dimensional illustrations and animations for a variety of new age visual cuisines, including content for HD, Film, DVD, Stereo Lenticular, BluRay, Games & Apps and the Web. Our animation credits are many and varied, from feature film titles and 30 second commercials to interactive building tours and training media.

Pixel Kitchens's award winning animators have cooked for a variety of clients from the Disney, ABC, Spyder Active Wear, Public Television, Kaiser-Hill, National Park Service, Discovery Channel and numerous national labs, including Sandia and NREL to name a few.

Pixel Kitchen, a taste of the future.