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rocky flats

Pixel Kitchen, Inc. had the pleasure of designing and animating the graphics for a training video. The video was titled Job Search for the 21st Century and was done for Greg Davis of NVTI at the National Learning Center. We created animated titles graphics, and backgrounds, both as virtual sets and for graphics beds. The film was for the training of veterans after their service to aid their employment search. The film did quite well at the New York Film Festival, winning its category, Career Guidance/Training.

You can bring us your flat art, digital image, CAD, or just a whim on a napkin, and we will take your ideas to the next step making them dimensional and animated. Design and creation of  logos, business graphics, architectural & engineering illustrations, digital signage and training,  are just some of the types of imagery we create. Whether you want your images on a stadium display, a hand held device or anything in-between, we can create the color, detail and motion to fill the screen beyond your expectations.

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