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Bear Bones - Colorado Convention Center
3D illustration of the Blue Bear with the inner workings of his skeleton showing as he is animated up to his final position at the glass of the Denver convention center.

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The work we did for Lawrence Argent's Big Blue Bear sculpture at the Denver Convention Center was ground breaking, as the proposal art(digital 3D data) was used to drive the giant CNC machines which  cut the molds which were used to form the different sections of the Bear at its full size.  Pixel Kitchen used Lightwave 3D to convert and remodel the scanned bear stl file and then to create a skeleton which was animated into the pose of the bear at the windows. This modification to the bear was then frozen into its final position and then turned back to Lawrence for the next step in the process. Our work on the sculpture was revealed in the documentary, 'The Big Blue Bear' by Just Media which premiered in the 2005 Denver International Film Festival.

Here at Pixel Kitchen, we have a  rich history of supporting fine artists in the complex arena of public sculptural art and the process of  “Call for Entry” grant proposals. We have supported artist in their bid to visualize their ideas in various mediums appropriate to tell their stories. Whether it be one of the very first 3D computer representations of public art for the dinosaur mosaic on the floor of the United terminal at DIA or the compelling posture of the Big Blue Bear, Pixel Kitchen has a unique perspective to support artist as they compete for grant money. Our artist experience coupled with our 3Dimensional techniques can visualize the most unique ideas prior to their implementation. Pixel Kitchen can insure that your project will be represented in best light and in a virtual version of the environment for which it is destine to live. We can reproduce your art as well as it's surroundings in a  virtual manner as video, illustrations or stereo 3D for your proposal publications.

PK has also worked with artists such as Garrison Roots and David & Eric Mesple for years in a role of support not only to the proposal creation process, but also to consult and even train the artists in these techniques. We have trained artists to take on more of their own design and prototyping tasks with a host of new digital sculpture tools.

Services we provide to artists include:

  1. Location data acquisition and re-creation of the proposed artwork site and surrounding environment in 2D and/or 3D supplied to the artist in industry standard image and data formats.
  2. Image or data re-creation of the artwork in 3D including material surface modeling to up to a photo realistic quality from artist sketches
  3. Atmosphere, lighting and shadow, both natural and artificial, can be recreated, including time of day and year.
  4. Data creation or manipulation for rapid prototyping and production from the prototype or sketch.
  5. Digital application and technique training including 3D Modeling and Animation for fine artists.

Consulting to artists on visualization solutions for prototyping and proposal art.

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